Why I didn’t make my own Wedding Dress

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A life long goal of mine was to make my own wedding dress. It was going to be the pinicle of my sewing life – a culmination of everything I have learnt so far into one of the most meaningful items of clothing a person can ever wear. I did a lot of research into this, I brought THE wedding dress sewing book, pretty much the only wedding dress sewing book actually. It’s out of print so it cost me fifty freaking pounds! After some research online on the best places to source fabric I even went Joels Fabric in London for inspiration – I figured for me, the fabric would inspire the dress, If I found something amazing, I would make the dress shape work around it.

This is what I’d pretty much settled on, the guipiere lace above was an eye watering £795 a metre but I figured I wouldn’t need much of it and it would still cost me less than a RTW dress.

Meanwhile, I decided I was also going to make pretty much EVERYTHING else for the wedding, including:

Custom cheese plan menu cards
Photo guest book
Beer sign
Guestbook sign
Hand painted magnetic animal place card settings/ wedding favours
Custom vinyl cut name cards
Table plan
Probably other stuff I have blocked from my memory from the trauma
Bear in mind I got engaged in September 2016 and planned to get married in August 2017 – so a little less than a year. After all my research, I realised the time investment was just not something I was going to be able to commit to (I’d also just started a new, highly stressful job). There would likely be at least two toile garments (test versions in cheap fabric) to get the fit right, plus a fair few new techniques to learn. LOTS of hand stitching… which I was sort of looking forward to as I don’t do much of it in my day to day sewing.

Now let me set the record straight – I really WANTED to do all these things, I really wanted a challenge and to learn all these new skills (like boning) that I don’t really have the occasion to do. But did I really want to do all this under some pretty ugly time pressure. The answer was no. Sadly… very sadly..

OK I’m being realistic but there’s no freaking way I’m going to give up without a fight!

One day I’m dragging future hubby into a sewing shop (he’s used to it now) and we see this BLOODY AWESOME baby pink Italian crepe linen with giant fishes all over it – it was inspired by a Dolce and Gabana print from that seasons summer collection. My first thought is some kind of fitted pencil skirt dress which I would look like a total badass in! However to my surprise Hubby to be jumps on it immediately demanding I make a shirt for him out of it. For someone so conservative in the way he dresses normally, he doesn’t half go bonkers with the fabric choice for any shirt I make him. I forget who’s idea it was in the shop but the rest was history, I agreed to make it for him for the wedding, I mean… we were getting married in a zoo, that was license to be as bat shit crazy as we wanted.. And this shirt would fit the bill!

Dolce and Gabbana Spring Summer 2017


It was actually a really great choice in the end, I got to go way more bonkers with the fabric choice than I would have on a wedding dress, it cost way less money, I still got to learn a bunch of new techniques (It was a proper dress shirt pattern) and he now has a shirt that he can wear time and time again (Unlike a wedding dress)

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