DIY Store Cupboard Labels with Cricut Air 2

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This week I’ve spent most of the weekend organising the pantry. Mr Womble kept buying duplicates of everything, I kept telling him off and he pointed out (I suppose rightly) that how was he to tell what half the stuff was.

I have a habit of throwing stuff in jars without labelling them (I usually chuck part of the packaging in the jar, but I suppose that’s not terribly helpful if you want to see at a glance). Or sometimes there might be some half rubbed of sharpie with or without a question mark “Chinese 5 Spice?” – I mean, it smells like 5 spice!

Anyway, I had some spare black vinyl knocking around and thought I would nock up some labels.

After accidentally labelling the Polenta jar with the word “Semolina” I realised two things

  1. That Hubby was right all along
  2. I might need a more flexible labelling system

I’ve seen quite a few people add chalkboard labels to things, including pantry items. So that was the plan! I’m all about reusing what I’ve already got and I had some scraps of regular black vinyl so rather than buying a whole new roll of specialist chalkboard vinyl I thought I’d try this out first. A couple of tests on a scrap revealed that a chalkboard pen will wash right off the black vinyl. Bon!

So I created a few designs on using Affinity Photo and went to cutting. I’m luck enough to own a Cricut Air 2 so its a breeze.

Jars with Labels

Now all my half open packets of flours, grains and spices are nicely protected. I’ve got minimal plastic and hubby can find anything he desires.

And when I need to move the dregs of something into a smaller jar or replace one with with another, I don’t need to peel or the label, just wash it off and write the new name on! SUCCESS!

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