DIY Zero Waste Freezer Fries

Zero Waste Freezer Fries

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My journey in trying to reduce my plastic consumption has actually led me to eat WAY healthier, because as it turns out, there are a lot of things you just cannot buy without the plastic covering. One of those such things is freezer chips – you know the kind, McCain’s, Aunt Bessies or whatever…

Now sure you COULD go ahead a make french fries from scratch every time you want pizza and chips but… really?

Going zero waste can be pretty darn time consuming! And lets face it, a big part of the appeal of a bag of frozen chips is to be able to throw them in the oven and 20 minutes later come back to deliciously crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside little battons of joy.

So after a bit of research into the matter, I’ve perfected the art of the homemade super speedy freezer chip. The best thing about these is that you pre-cook them, so rather than having to wait 45 mins to cook from raw, they’re ready to eat in 10 minutes flat!

Here’s my how to on zero waste freezer fries

1. Buy a chip cutter

Chip cutter

You can for sure do this without but you’re gonna wanna make these in a big batch, so one of these bad boys are gonna save you a TON of time! Plus they are amazingly gratifying to use! I actually use an attachment that came with my magimix food processor (which is kinda stupid because you don’t even turn the dam thing on to use it) but you can buy a separate gadget like this here

2. Peel your potatoes and put them through the cutter

Or not.. I didn’t peel mine, more vitamins that way and it saves time. It’s really a personal preference thing though.

3. Lay them out on a baking tray and coat in olive oil

Just throw them on a tray with a big glug or two of olive oil, you don’t need to be accurate here, just make sure they’re well coated. Lay them out with plenty of space in between, this allows the hot air to circulate around the chip and give you a nice crispy finish.

TIP: If you want Cajun fries or any other spice (sweet paprika is nice) – add it here, just sprinkle over and mix up with the oil

I made three trays worth and wish I’d made more, it’s worth doing these in a big batch, do a couple of runs as they’ll last ages in the freezer

4. Cook at 220C for approx 40 mins

This is going to depend on the size of your chip, so keep an eye on them and take them out when they are just done.

5. Cool the trays and then Freeze

Once the trays are cool you can put them straight in the freezer. Just ensure your fries are still well spaced as you don’t want them to stick together in the freezer

6. Scrape them off the tray and into a suitable container

If you’re serious about using zero plastic, a big glass pickling jar would work well. Otherwise an old ice cream tub is perfect.

If you have the space, and plan to use them soon, you could just leave them on the tray I suppose..

7. Bake and EAT!

The best bit 😉

When you’re ready to eat, sling some out on a tray, bake at 220C for approx 10 mins. It doesn’t take long as the chips are already cooked, you’re really just heating them through and crisping them back up.

Enjoy and let me know what you think – got any extra tips or tricks, leave a comment

Credit to GeniusKitchen for inspiration


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