Being only 4ft 11” I’ve had many nicknames in my life, Leprechaun, Midge, Half Pint, – to name but a few. The one that resonates most closely however (thankfully) has nothing to do with my height) is Womble. I was given this nickname after I got a reputation amongst friends and family for turning up back home, in coffee shops or around people houses with some lamp/cooking utensil/ piece of furniture that I had found somewhere along the street on my way from point A to point B. My Husband jokes that I am only ever limited by what I can carry (which is sometimes true, but I have been known to rope him into carrying things for me).

I should clarify here… that I haven’t been stealing peoples treasured possessions left momentarily on the street while they move into their new home! I’ve no idea whether it works like this in other Cities, but I live in Brighton, England – in this city full of Students, Hippies and Programmers, there’s a huge culture of leaving the crap you don’t want out not he street. It’s like a giant City wide free jumble sale and I FREAKING LOVE IT!

I can’t bear to throw a perfectly good item away just because I have no use for it anymore.

This desire to recycle, reuse and reduce penetrates my entire life and makes it all the richer. I’m also a huge maker, so where I can’t buy something, I’ll try and adapt or make it myself – partly to reduce my environmental impact, but probably mostly because it’s just bloody fun 😀

Read my blog to follow my journey of spilt paint pots, overbrewed wine and hopefully one day, a litter of little piglets, smallholding and farm shop (we all have dreams!).

This is me 🙂